About this site

The Kabuki Play Guide provides synopses and highlights of major works in the Kabuki canon for those interested in learning more about Kabuki theater.

There are few dedicated English-language sites offering information about Kabuki and almost none with details on the individual works. This site, designed by the Japan Actors’ Association, an organization representing Kabuki actors, offers easy-to-follow explanations of the plays, including the plots, character summaries and useful background facts. It has been formatted as well for tablet and smartphone use. It concentrates on information helpful in viewing Kabuki performances.

Each show offers the following tabs.

  1. Synopsis : plot summary
  2. Overview : historical information such as author and production dates
  3. Characters : descriptions of individual characters
  4. Kabuki Plus : bonus information

The material is enhanced with many recent performance photos, providing an appealing layout that will better enable the user to visualize the show.

Project team

  • Furuido Hideo (professor, Tokyo University)
  • Maekawa Fumiko (Kabuki researcher)
  • Abe Satomi (Kabuki and Japanese dance researcher)
  • Hashimoto Hiroki (Japan Actors’ Association)
  • Iizuka Misa (Shochiku Otani Library)
  • Katayama Izumi
  • Kaneko Ken (Agency for Cultural Affairs, Traditional Culture Division)
  • Kaneda Eiichi (advisor, Kabukizabutai Inc.)
  • Komiya Akiko (Kabuki researcher)
  • Maekawa Humiko (Kabuki researcher)
  • Oshima Yukihisa (theater journalist)
  • Suzuki Tami (Kabuki researcher)
  • Terada Shima (Kabuki researcher; part-time lecturer, Waseda University)
  • Asahara Tsuneo (Japan Actors’ Association Secretary General)
  • Kamei Rie (Japan Actors’ Association Secretary)
Site design and management
  • Iida Youichi (Tateshin Ltd.)
Programming and design
  • Chaya Takanori
  • Onodera Yoshikatsu
English text and translation
  • Gary Perlman
Production and copyright
  • Japan Actors’ Association
Cooperation and photographs
  • Shochiku Co., Ltd.